How Long Does It Take For A Twitter Account To Be Deleted?

2010-02-02 at 03:45 pm hugege

A few days ago I deleted my twitter account because I wanted to use the e-mail it was under to create another account, but it still said that the e-mail was taken. Its weird though because it gives me an option to restore my account … I need help!

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  1. Queen

    Hi, I believe it takes a few days for the account to be officially deleted. If you have received that message it means your account is still active. Try logging back in to restore your old account..once you do that delete the email address that you used for your old account and see if you can use that same one to create a new account. If this does not work you are going to have to use a different email address to create a new twitter page. I hope this helps. Contact me if you have any problems with that.

  2. nara

    can i activate my twitter again?i just deactivated it yesterday thanks

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