I Have A Small Business – Should I Start A Twitter Account Using The Business Name Or My Personal Name?

2010-01-31 at 09:45 pm hugege

I am a bit of a shy person so my first instinct would be to use the business name. The purpose of having Twitter is to build up a list of followers who I can hopefully convert into blog followers for my business blog.
Which should I choose?

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  1. ShirleyF

    If increasing brand recognition is vital to your success, then setting up a Twitter account using your business name may be more beneficial.
    It is possible to set up two accounts – one with your business name and one with your personal name – but it might not be easy or advantageous for you to monitor both.
    You also mention that you are shy. This is another indication that a Twitter account set up with your business name may be the better decision.
    Good luck, and learn all about the business side of Twitter through the link below to create a great experience for your followers.
    Shirley George Frazier
    Author and Small Business Expert

  2. Raj A

    You need both.
    I have a business twitter account and a personal twitter account. Both of them have 2k+ followers.
    Business account to business and personal account for personal use tweeting like… Feeling sleepy etc.
    My personal experience.

  3. Ellie

    Business name is it will get more known and people will wonder what it is and want to fin out, and besides there could be loads of people on twitter with the same name as you!

  4. Lion Jinn

    hi i know this isnt an answer but ive been thinking about the same thing for my business… do you really think twitter is worth it?

  5. julia

    I would use http://www.linkedin.com rather than twitter !

  6. I just considered investing in a digital company. Should I try to obtain a partner ??

  7. i always update my Twitter and i love to twitter my daily activities to my friends and loved ones. i also maintain a personal blog for entries which requires more detail.

  8. Thank you for your help! I highly appreciate this.

  9. Twitter is really a good way in keeping yourself updated with the day to day activities of your friends and families members. I update my Twitter and personal blog daily.

  10. interesting take on the subject, count me as a new subscriber!

  11. I’d use both – in fact, I do use both. I’d also, like another poster recommended, use LinkedIn.

    One more thing you may want to consider is creating a Facebook fan page – it’s easy to get friends to follow, and then have them ask their friends to follow; my brother got a bunch of business when his wife created a fan page for the tattoo shop he works in.

    Good luck, and if you need web content or press releases to get your business a little more traffic, let me know!

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