How Can My Band Make A Facebook Music Page?

2010-01-29 at 03:45 am hugege

I can only set up a public figure profile, not a musician page. I emailed facebook and they replied with a link – which had me set up a public figure profile, NOT a musician page. I work with AUDRA HARDT, who has tons of music online (itunes, amazon) and an account and profile on iLIKE – which is a facebook application. Please help!

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  1. Ranz

    Facebook is not like MySpace … you can’t set your profile on a Musician mode… However, you can make a a public profile on Facebook and then create a Page and a Group on Facebook but you have to sign up first..
    Create a page :
    To create a page click on this link, after you sign in to your Facebook:
    Create a Group
    To Create a group click on this link after you sign in:…
    Hope I Helped!
    Good Luck!

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  3. Anthony

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