How Do I Change The Background On My Twitter Home Page ?

2010-01-28 at 03:45 am hugege

Hi I have noticed that everyone else has a personal background on their twitter home page how do you do that ?

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  1. TwitterP

    You can easily change your background using the steps below:
    1. Find (or make) a Twitter background you want to use.
    2. Save the Twitter background to your computer (remember where you put the file).
    3. Go to your Twitter account and log in.
    4. Go to Settings-Design and click the ‘change background image’ link.
    5. Click the ‘Browse’ button and find the image you want to use (the one you remembered where you saved it).
    6. Select the image.
    7. Next just click ‘Save Changes’ … and Viola! You’re done.
    I have a collection of free Twitter background you may be interested in that includes Sports, Pets, Abstract, Beach, Sunsets… You can see them at

  2. Black Media

    Do you know the computer is very sensitive ? This time you go to the computer Programing Enggineer. The Programing Engginner solved the background or you re-start your computer and some time you stoped your computer.

  3. Prince joel Barmon

    This site has a lot of twitter backgrounds with the color codes to change your twitter color scheme so your whole page will match your background.…

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