What Kind Of Articles Or Content Should I Write So That My Blog Becomes Very Famous?

2010-01-26 at 03:47 pm hugege

I want to start a new blog for commercial purpose. My sole aim is to earn money through google adsense programme. But for that i need to have a popular blog first. I am good at writting but not able to decide what to write. Can u give me some examples of topics which are popular and readers would love to read that?

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  1. mulautho

    People flock to blogs or web sites if these have content that are useful to them and or have edutainment/infotainment values.
    In particular, topics that help solve problems – personal, technical, anything, or topics that help people make money should drive traffic to your site.
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  2. aditi mishra

    write more on the stuff that is doing the rounds in all the media, nationally as well as internationally. The idea is to capture your blog on the popular search engines, like the Google. popular topics in the present scenario could be the China quake, Aamir’s infamous blogging, Jaipur blasts, or anyhtring under the Sun,
    Good luck !!!

  3. I.am.flo

    Or you could write something that raises everyone’s eyebrows. Think of it. You could write something about underground activities, magick, about your paranormal experiences (you can invent your own ‘experiences’), or anything that is intriguing and something unique and new.

  4. Saurabh V

    What interests you most ? Answer this question first. What interests your freinds most ? Answer this question. What interests your family and relatives most ?
    Surely you can come to conclusions.

  5. Anonymous

    You write tutorials.

  6. The Riddler

    I suggest that you write something that anyone can relate to. Something that is familiar to most people around you.

  7. abhishek

    If you want to earn money write about finance as the earnings per clicks are the highest in these areas.

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