How Do You Show Who You Are Following On Twitter?

2010-01-26 at 09:45 am hugege

On my Twitter it doesn’t show the little thumbnails of who I am following, how do I make it show them?

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  1. blahblah

    On the right hand side, under your user name it will have 3 sets of numbers … following, followers, and updates … click on following

  2. Anonymous

    On right hand side there are three links
    * Following
    * Followers
    * Updates
    Select “Followers”
    You now have a list of all people who are following you, though it is certainly hard to find a specific person once you have a large following.
    To avoid this confusion install TweetDeck and setup a new group which focuses just on the followers you want to pay particular attention to.
    Here’s how I do this for my @BodyByChocolate profile.
    * After installing TweetDeck you wil find icons near the top of the window.
    * The 6th icon from the left is a group icon.
    * Select it
    * Name your group
    * Add people that you want to be part of this new group.
    Now, each time they tweet you will see what they say if you are online at the time.
    You could also search Twitter direct for specific people, though oddly enough you won’t find @BodyByChocolate this way. My guess is this is an area where Twitter needs to improve and as such you may search for other handles which also do not exist according to their search tools; though I most certainly am a Twitterite.
    Hope that helps
    The Body By Chocolates Man

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