Do You Have To Pay When You Use Twitter And Myspace Mobile Through Text?

2010-01-25 at 09:45 am hugege

I have verizon wireless and i want to know if you have to pay myspace and twitter mobile through text. I have free unlimited texting.

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  1. ChibiRos

    If you don’t have a data package and are going onto Myspace Mobile, it still uses the web, so you will be charged for data charges.
    As for twitter, I also have unlimited texting, so I update my twitter status via text message, so no, since you have unlimited texting you shouldn’t get charged.
    When you login to twitter, go to settings, devices, and enter the information there. Once it is all set you can choose which followers to follow, meaning their updates will get sent to you by text msg.
    I ran into some problems when I set mine up… like, I wasn’t able to send or receive the text. I later found out that I had short code dialing blocked on my phone service. Since when you twitter by text you need to send it using a short code number. But I simply called my mobile provider and got it unblocked.
    So, to answer, you may get charged for myspace if you’re using the web for it, but twitter through text shouldn’t be a problem.

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