On A Facebook Profile, What Determines Which Friends Will Show In The 6 Friends Spaces?

2010-01-22 at 03:46 am hugege

You know how on people’s facebook profiles underneath their profile picture and information, there is usually six friends shown? Well, what determines who is shown? Is it just random, or is it people that have looked at your profile recently?

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  1. Josh W

    It’s just 6 random people that you are friends with, and it changes every time you refresh the page! 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    random or also can choose 6 friend from your friend as top friends…

  3. ღஜ SJY™ ஜღ

    It is just totally random. Nothing at all determines it.

  4. Anonymous

    u see the settings thing on that tab above ‘see all’ ( A pencil kinda thing)
    click that
    it gives u the option ‘always show these’
    u can select who u want to be senn there

  5. Dan

    It’s definitely not random. Why does this answer keep showing up everywhere for the past several years when it’s clearly wrong?!? Don’t answer a question falsely just to show off when you don’t know the answer. I know that the Facebook help page says it’s random, but it is not.

    Anybody can see for themselves that it is not random. Just refresh (F5) the page and you will see that the same few people show up even if you refresh a hundred times. If your profile shows six people, it may cycle through ten people. It’s going through a short list that keep coming back. The list only changes a little from day to day.

  6. Dan

    So the question is how facebook selects those people. I’m not sure, but it looks to me like people who have visited your profile recently.

    Curious as to what other people are seeing.

    Don’t just say it’s random; it’s not. And we’re not asking “how can I select which people to show.” We are asking how facebook decides which people to show.

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  8. Ann

    Ich habe das auch festgestellt. Wenn ich mehrmals mein Profil anklicke werde in Summe 12 von meinen ganzen Freunden angezeigt, die sich dann in unterschiedlicher Reihenfolge wiederholen. Dieses scheint sich jeden Tag zu ändern. Wonach entscheidet sich das, welche Personen angezeigt werden? Richtet sich das danach, welche der Freunde auf Facbook am aktivsten sind, zuletzt online oder zuletzt auf meiner Seite waren? Ich habe nämlch festgestellt, dass nach einer gewissen Zeit fast immer die gleiche Leute kommen, also nicht alle von meinen Freunden und auch solche, auf deren Profil ich gar nicht war.

  9. I don’t believe it is random either. I had never considered it until someone told me that it was the last 6 people who visited your profile. Once I started to pay attention to my friend box and also the friend box on my boyfriend’s page, I could see that the same few people showed up consistently and that most were the people you would expect to visit the page. Further evidence to support that it is not completely random- I often notice someone pop up when I have recently spoke to them and told them to look at something on my page.

  10. B

    I recently blocked, then unblocked a person. Unblocking him did not reinstate him as a friend, and I have not requested him to “friend” me again. However, whenever I go to a mutual friend’s site, he shows up as one of the six friend photos. Is this just because we share these mutual friends, and it’s a large group, or is it because he’s been checking my page frequently through his connection with my friends? (I have my privacy set to “friends of friends” being able to see my site. I don’t care if he’s looking, I just want to know. Anyone else had this experience?

  11. CM

    I am testing this theory as I write. I have been obsessed with this question because a friend whom I do not like (but obligate to add-lol)picture keeps showing up in this section. Every time. I rarely go onto her page. On the flip side, a lifelong friend of mine’s picture also diplays everytime, and she does visit and comment on my profile religiously. So I also began to wonder if the 6 friends were comprised of random folk as well as those who most recently visited.

    I am testing this theory now: I just had a friend log on and view my profile (I logged on before her to ensure she was not showing, then logged back off). I will then have her log off and I will log on to see if her picture is displayed…might not solve all the worlds problems, but it will set my mind at ease tonight. lol

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  13. These answers do not answer my question. Why?

  14. Question not answered.

  15. David

    Friends who you publicly interact with the most appear first on your profile. Examples of public interactions include Wall posts, comments and mutually attended events — Facebook will never show friends based on whose profiles you choose to view or who you interact with over messages and chat.

  16. Julie

    If a “friends” photo is appearing on two of my girlfriends photos should I be concerned? And why does a friends photo appear at the top and suddening drop off?

  17. @Josh W
    it does not change for me when i refresh my page!! 😛

  18. asdf

    i believe its friends who’s page you have visited recently. try and see for yourself. thats how it turned out for me

  19. Jon

    asdf, That’s not true. I have several people on that list who’s profile I haven’t visited in months, if not years. Also, I don’t think it’s based on interaction because of the same reason. I’ve interacted with other people a lot more frequently than those listed. Now, that doesn’t bring us any closer to solving the question, though, because I’m listed on a friend’s page who I’ve talked to every day for the past 2 months, but she’s not listed on mine.

    Who knows, at this point. I’m still going to search and try to get to the bottom of it.

  20. Greg

    okay people why does everyone say its six people????????????
    theres obviously ten people not six and each time I refresh its the exact same people with the order switched. I doubt that its the last couple of people who checked my profile because I doubt the people who are showing up actually looked at my wall. And the people who keep showing up are definitely not the ones I interact with the most

  21. Adam

    I don’t know why FB not telling the fact, whatever is the fact.
    @Jon, please if you get something let us know it. thanks 🙂

  22. anon

    ok, it is def not whos page i have looked at recently, it is not people i im the most and it is not people i have public interactions with the most. but it is the same people every time i refresh. so the only other thing i can think of is if it is people that comment on mine the most or if they look at my page the most. does anyone else see a pattern like this?

  23. Bingo

    Anon, I think you are correct.
    It is not the people that have recently visited your page but people who had liked, commented or something else on your page, not just looking at it.
    And it is not doing for recent activities, but it summarizes somehow all.
    Visit your profile from friends page (that is not showing in top 10 on your page), and then try, like and comment on your page, and visit your page over third account and refresh every few times when you do some action with second profile and observe if something changes on top 10.
    But it it not randomly, that is for sure!

  24. bob

    my ex girlfriend is in there 50% of the time and I might look at her page once a month, def not random

  25. kari

    Friends who you publicly interact with the most appear first on your profile. Examples of public interactions include Wall posts, comments and mutually attended events — Facebook will never show friends based on whose profiles you choose to view or who you interact with over messages and chat”.

    …however, this mentioned nothing about their so-called, “algorithm” showing friends based on who views YOUR profile. I recently deactivated my fb-i assume this resets the algorithm (maybe not really tho, w/e who cares). Call me vain, but I only go on fb to look at my best friends page sometime, but primarily my own profile/ read my own comments and such. Of my 1200+ fb connections, my 6 friends box shows my best friend, ex boyfriend, mother, cousin, boyfriend and this kid i know crushes on me hard in addition to about 4 others in different orders, no matter how many times i refresh my page. RANDOM?!?! i think not so much. once again, i dont interact w/ any of these people except for my best friend, but i can safely assume that they all check my profile whether or not they interact w/ me

  26. MeeMee

    I definitely agree it is not random… My Dad, sisters, brother-in-law, husband, Mom, stepdad, best friends, several coworkers and one ex boyfriend (I was not even dating when facebook first started and I never linked him or mentioned him on there.) are the only ones that show up. 25 different ones (call me crazy but I counted…) My dad and ex ALWAYS appear when I refresh, the others are a random mix of the 23 others. Dad comments on everything I do.. the ex has never commented. I admit that occasionally I visit his page but I rarely visit the others listed sites… I do not understand the “code” BUT it is not random. No way… It has to do with the number of times they view your page… idk though

  27. Awesome Person

    Me and my friend ave figured that it randomly selects people DAILY! It will be certain friends one day, and the next day it will be a completely different set of friends!!

  28. Astrid

    Definitely not random. I was at my friends house today and to mess with me she started stalking my ex on her profile. When I got home a couple hours later and went on his profile she was in his friends box, even though they’ve never spoken on facebook and don’t keep in contact at all, the only reason they’re friends on fb is because of me. I’m guessing at least two of the boxes are people who’ve recently stalked you or visited your profile, I don’t however know if all the boxes are this way or if the other ones have something to do with for example mutual friends of not.

  29. Trent

    bob :my ex girlfriend is in there 50% of the time and I might look at her page once a month, def not random

    I agree with this. I went four months without checking out my ex-girlfriend’s page and she kept showing up in the six. In the beginning, I figured it was just because I was checking out her profile a ton before going cold turkey and through time she’d stop showing up. Not only did this not happen, it increased with time. I actually tracked it for about three months (logging each occurrence on the six in a file) and she was nearly 100 appearances ahead of the second place person by the time I finished. And there were spikes in frequency that happened to coincide conveniently with real-life events. After I saw her sister on a vacation and holidays saw her picture show up in the six frequently. And I never had her as “Facebook official”, we haven’t tagged photos or liked each others posts for months and we didn’t do it frequently before that. I never put her on special lists and while I have some pictures of me and her still up, there aren’t as many as with other people who show up less frequently than she does, including my siblings.

    It wasn’t just her though that would show these spikes. Friends who wouldn’t show up in the six all of a sudden made appearances after I saw them or interacted with them in real life. My ex’s sister is a good example, but also several other friends who didn’t show up in the six would make rather convenient appearances. Some would stick and become regulars — others would crap out after a few days. It seems to cycle through 25 friends at a time, most of them being steady with others switching out.

    I’m not sure if all the boxes work this way. I was checking out an old ex-girlfriend from several years ago’s profile a few times a month or so ago and she started showing up in my six. She didn’t last very long at all in this six, roughly a couple days. Also noticed a few others like this. But I think there’s something to the six fishing out “stalkers” — or at least people who seem to be very interested in what you are doing even if they aren’t talking to you online.

  30. Totally agree with Trent. It is not random thru the hole friend list, but is ramdom depending on the interactions either you with them or them with you. Also show at least a couple of boxes that change picture of people never interact at least for two or more month but they could be looking your profile frequently. Now is definitely not the ones you look at their profiles a lot because you can do the text by yourself they won’t show up, but be careful your picture probably will pop up in their six boxes and out of the sudden their will start looking at u more often and them pop their picture in your box that will be a perfect example it is not random. Understand why Facebook dont say the true about it may be a company policy very encrypted not to give that kind of inf.
    Some people will be happy about this theory others not but it make sense for many.

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