I Have What We Call Web Worms On My Trees, Especially My Pear Tree. How Do I Get Rid Of Them?

2010-01-20 at 03:26 am hugege

These worms look sort of like little caterpillars but they make a web around the limbs.

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6 Responses to “I Have What We Call Web Worms On My Trees, Especially My Pear Tree. How Do I Get Rid Of Them?”

  1. Robert

    get a stick and clean all the webbing out that u can reach! spray the tree down with bug-b-gon then give the tree a dose of bayeradvanced tree and shrub care! it will stop future infestations! good stuff. i’ve not had one problem with my crabapple trees this year thanks to this stuff!

  2. Anonymous

    This sound like tent caterpillars. They can be very destructive to trees or other plants. When I was a kid, my neighbor just took some lighter fluid and sprayed it on them and lit them on fire. . .this can be dagerous. I would prune off that section of branch if it is small enough, unless that branch is dead already, I would cut it off. The I would just do what my neighbor did and kill them by fire. I am sure there is some insecticide out there too where you can spray something on them.
    Just make sure you get rid of them soon before they do more damage. Below is a link to a pick of what I thinnk you have.

  3. surfergi

    In N.B. Canada they are called Army Worms and they infest apple orchards eating every leaf on the trees. If the cocoons are not destroyed, the worms will hatch and crawl onto every tree in your yard. Break the cocoons open with a long stick or broom handle, then spray a liberal amount of dish soap & water mixture on the eggs. Burning can be dangerous! I had a friend who burned to death from trying to kill these worms on his apple orchard. I strongly suggest you attempt another method other than burning the worm nests. Pesticides are another choice.

  4. jianguo her

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  5. Ava

    I think they call these Cataba worms here and they make great fish bait. They don’t bite but it does mess your tree up.They burn them here.Be careful.

  6. Blackberry Briar

    It is possible to use a torch (on a stick…not a welding tool) and burn them out after. That way you do not have to worry about what you do with them after you get them out of the tree. This way your fruit will not be tainted with pesticides. They do stink when they burn.

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