If I Block Someone On Facebook Will The See Me On Someone Elses Friendlist?

2010-01-19 at 09:46 pm hugege

If I block someone on facebook, will they still see me on other peoples’ friend lists? On other peoples’ walls, or will i pretty much vanish to them all together as if i dont even have a facebook account?

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  1. Anonymous

    No. If you put someone on your block list they cannot see your profile, see you on someone elses profile, try to add you again or even message you for that matter. If they try to search you, your profile will not come up. Anything you write on someone elses wall will not be visible to the person you blocked either. If you have mutual friends, any picture you are tagged in will show up with your name being blocked, that is the only way they will know you even still have a Facebook.

  2. zakattac

    Yes, they can still see your full profile picture, but can no longer add you, or do anything involving you. Your name is still visible to them as well.
    Nothing more, don’t worry if you’re being watched or anything bad, because you can either report it, or just leave this person to sit around helplessly.
    If you are still not satisfied, change your name and profile image, and then he/she will not recognize you.

  3. Alexandros F

    Yes your icon is still visible, they may try adding you again, but eventually it’s up to you to accept or ignore. The person may try luring you to accept him with a different profile name altogether.
    Remember, you can’t trust anyone on Facebook.

  4. Marcelle

    Here’s a scary thought…if someone is looking for you who you have blocked they can use another persons’ computer and do a search for you logged in as someone else. So…you are never really safe from anyone and like the person said above -you can’t trust FB. Be careful because you are never fully protected.

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