How Can I Get My Videos From My Blog To Youtube?

2010-01-19 at 04:05 am hugege

I created a blog about my trip to the inauguration. Since then, my computer crashed and I lost the edited videos that I saved on my computer. I would like to upload my videos on youtube, so is this possible since they are only on blogger?

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  1. jeremyir

    Yes, just use Download Helper (with Mozilla Firefox) to download the video file, then you can re-upload it to YouTube.
    If you don’t have the Mozilla Firefox web browser already installed on your computer, you should go download it here.
    Once you have it installed, go here and download/install the Download Helper add-on.…
    Now, once you have it, go to Tools >> DownloadHelper >> Preferences. Be sure it is set to automatically convert FLV videos to MPEG4 or MPEG (a file that your computer will be able to play). Once the settings are configured, go to the page with the video you want on Blogger, and start playing it. Once the video starts, you should see your new “download helper” icon start animating. This indicates that there is a grab-able file on the page. Click the arrow next to the icon and select the file.
    A “Downloads” window should pop up displaying the status of the downloaded file. Once you have it downloaded, right-click on the filename and select “open in folder” to get it to show exactly where the file is being stored (so you know from where in your computer’s directory to re-upload it).
    You can use the Download Helper on countless different websites as well.

  2. Livia A

    Embed code or . . .
    Download, convert and save videos directly from Youtube and more.
    -MP4 (Download faster in High Quality and HD) *Recommend
    -3GP (Download faster for Phone)
    -FLV (Download faster – Rename file .FLV – Example: Namevideo.flv)
    -MP3, WAV (Audio Only)
    1. copy the video url (Example: http://www.youtu . . . .)
    2. go to Forinside
    3. paste the video url in the url box
    4. select format (AVI, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, WMV, MP3, FLV, MOV, WAV)
    5. Click download
    * Moreover, it can convert local videos on your PC in the formats above.
    Use Forinside

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, you can download the videos again. and you also can find your videos from the background of blog system.
    If you want to download them I know a good downloader.
    Here is the link:…

  4. Sofoklis

    Download the real payer
    Real player have a button on every flash video who says “Download”
    Try it!!!
    ………………sorry for my english

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