What’s The Difference Between Bebo Twitter And Facebook? Please Take Into Consideration That I’m A Technophobe?

2010-01-18 at 03:45 am hugege

I’ve heard words like Bebo, Facebook and Twitter discussed by people. I’ve gathered that they are a sort of MSN type communication…but what’s the difference

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  1. funkygur

    They’re all social networking sites, they are a bit like MSN but on Bebo and Facebook instead of having a private conversations (actually you can privately email people on them) all your friends that you add can see photos you upload, messages you leave on peoples page, you can become fans of bands, food or anything, on some you can use applications which can be quizzes (sometimes about friends, sometimes to find out ‘which character from this tv show are you’ type things) games etc. Twitter is different as you post 140 character mini blog messages to all your followers.
    Bebo – most people are young tweens or teens and it can be a bit chavvy
    Facebook – the most popular. Similar to myspace (another social networking site) but cleaner and simpler. Very good way of keeping in touch with people and easy to use. An annoying thing about it though is people compete to have the most friends, like 700-1000+ just because of the People You May Know tool. It’s good when it actually finds people you know though. You can cyber ‘poke’ people on it but no one really does that much anymore. You can update your status e.g. ‘(Your name) is going to the cinema/ feels happy / has finally got facebook…’ so it’s kind of Twitter with a whole lot more. It’s fun but can be a bit distracting.
    Twitter – at the minute its mainly celebrities and their stalkers! But I can see how it would be very useful e.g. one man was arrested in another country when he shouldn’t have been and he put ‘arrested’ on Twitter and a friend saw it and got him freed very quickly when normally that would have taken days. And in Iran people left ‘tweets’ (the Twitter 140 character messages) about the protesting so people could find out what was really going on when journalists weren’t allowed there, it can give a very human feel to all those news stories when you see people’s personal messages about what’s going on. Then you get celebrities like ‘just arriving on set’ or something.
    The best way to find out about them would be to set up an account on whichever you think sounds best! I have all 3 but I only go on facebook.com now. I had myspace for a while too.
    Hope i helped 🙂

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