What Photo And Blog Sites Are Blocked In China?

2010-01-13 at 04:05 am hugege

I’ll be staying in China for 6 weeks and I found out that multiply and a lot of blog sites are blocked over there. Can anyone give me a partial list of what blog sites are blocked (ex. LJ, blogger) so I know what I can use as an alternative. Thanks!

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  1. ??

    to the guy above, I use youtube and facebook and YA everyday, who blocked it?…you??….I think your imagination is over the top……Chinese government only blocks them during sensitive time…and no, Blogger is NOT blocked.
    The truly blocked blog—-blogspot …..but many of us use proxy servers, so It doesn’t affect me at all.

  2. karma l

    the communist gov of china blocked youtube and human rights related sites to stop people from Tibetans being killed by communist chinese people inside Tibet!
    now comunist china is so ashamed that they are behind the riots in Lhasa,
    communist chinese dressing up as tibetans going out on street killing innocent world’s most peaceful people of Tibet,
    be smart!
    don’t be fooled by communist chinese propaganda!
    know the facts and support human rights!

  3. 凹^_^凹

    As far as I am concerned, YouTube, Myspace ,Facebook are NOT in the list.

  4. Jorienta

    When I lived in Shenzhen, many western blogs including Japanese sites were blocked and I couldn’t access at all. And Hongkong websites were desperate. My Hongkong colleagues were complaining it, too. Wikipedia was also blocked by Jīndùn 金盾.
    I looked for blogs which I can post from China and found that Yahoo! 360 were accessible. Actually I posted some pictures on to it from Shenzhen at that time.
    Now it is just before the Olympic game. I am hearing the situation is much better than a few years ago.

  5. travelwo

    Travelers to China should not rely upon photo or blog sites for their communication, because the Great FireWall of China blocks every website that has the word “blog” in the URL (web address). Facebook and YouTube are blocked, to name a few. Yahoo Groups has been blocked in various areas of China since 07 MARCH 2008. Even this site “Yahoo Answers” is blocked in various parts of China!
    There are free-access websites (outside China) that remotely test to see what is blocked from inside the Great FireWall of China, but their servers are only testing from a few spot locations, and don’t give the whole true picture of the many thousands of blocked and censored sites over the whole country. Blocking varies by region or even by local areas. Use a search engine, put in “Great FireWall of China” and see what comes up, there are many articles that describe how they have really clamped-down recently. The rumor is that they will open up the Great FireWall for some websites from some hotels and locations in Beijing during the Olypics where foreigners will be staying, to give “outsiders” the false impression that there is free un-censored access. But you shouldn’t depend upon that rumor; you may never get access to blogs or photo sites while you are in China.
    Oh. By the way. There are many chinese shills here who roam this site trying to convince people that the chinese internet is open and free, and that websites are not blocked for them. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are simply part of the giant chinese internet propaganda machine.

  6. Jay F

    Not sure what are blogged, but ChinaTravelGuide.com blog is not blocked. Try there. Good luck.

  7. hapfut

    Most of the blogs are blocked – eg blogger/blogspot, LJ, typepad and wordpress (except those hosted on the owner’s sites). Also Flickr and some other photography websites and YouTube. However it’s not all the time and occasionally they work.
    But use this (or any other proxy) and you can view them. Good luck! :)http://anonymouse.org/

  8. Mouse

    I have been living in China for 2 years and the only thing that is blocked is wikipedia.
    You can access all the other sites (yahoo, facebook, youtube, myspace, etc) I am not sure what everyone else on here was talking about. The Chinese government really doesn’t block that much!!
    I am a Canadian living in China and not trying to hide the truth about China like the first post seems to think…weirdo!

  9. 单独

    I find nothing blocked in Zhongshan…………Yahoo acts stupid occasionally, but my brother says it happens in Dallas too.
    Wait, porn sites do seem hard to find, is that your problem?

  10. Layla

    i lived in shanghai last summer, and facebook, youtube, every blog site, some of wikipedia, etc (the list goes ON AND ON) were blocked. i brought my own computer, so i downloaded a proxy so i could get past the great firewall of china.

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