Can You Remove Pictures From Facebook That Others Have Sent You?

2010-01-11 at 09:46 am hugege

My x-boyfriend put some pictures of me and him on my facebook page and I’m trying to figure out a way to remove them. Do you know how I can do that?

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  1. Dane A

    There are two reasons why the photos could be appearing on your Facebook profile. One being that the photo has been uploaded to your profile with your own account. The other (more likely) reason being that you were “tagged” in the photo that was initially uploaded by someone else’s Facebook account.
    To either delete the photo or remove your tag the first step is to open the offending photo within Facebook.
    If the photo was uploaded with your account you will have more control over the photo. A “Delete This Photo” link will appear under the photo on the right hand side of the page. Clicking this link will remove the photo from Facebook altogether.
    If the photo was initially uploaded to Facebook under someone else’s account you will not see the “Delete This Photo” link. However directly under the photo your name will appear within the section “In this photo”. Clicking the “remove tag” link next to your name will remove your association from the photo and prevent it from showing up on your profile.
    Please note, removing the tag will not delete the photo from Facebook, it will just remove any connection between your profile and the photo. The image will still remain on the owner’s profile. If you require the photo removed from Facebook completely you should contact the owner of the photo asking them to remove it themselves.
    Hope this helps!

  2. robert

    This method doesn’t work and it is stupid and annoying. I should give permission to people who want to post stuff on my wall.
    I suggest you have an approve command for my page. No one should be able to post stuff to my pictures unless I approve.

  3. alex

    im tired of this happening to me too my sister posted pictures of me and ppl are making fun of them! 🙁 i cant find any1 who knows how to get rid of them

  4. @Dane A
    neither the photo was uploaded by me , nor it has tag but it appears on my “photos”…. how do i remove those?

  5. sheraz

    there is no way but u ca\n delete by hacking the account of the pic owner and delet it or just make him sorry and ask him that please deleat it

  6. i have pictures of friends sent by them from their account and i don,t want to share them with others or delete them,pls help me out for this


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