How Do I Hide My Facebook Friends From Others?

2010-01-09 at 03:46 am hugege

Well, before I had my friends hidden, so nobody could see them but now facebook has changed the privacy settings I was wondering how do I hide my friends again?

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  1. ~♥~

    You can’t :S
    All you can do is control the things other people see of yours.

  2. Monica

    You can’t hide your facebook friends from other friends, but you CAN hide them from people you don’t know.
    To do so, simply go to your own profile page and scroll down until you see your “friends” section (on the left a little ways below your profile picture).
    There should be a light blue pencil on the top right hand corner of the “friends” section. Click on it.
    Uncheck the box that says “show my friends to everyone”

  3. Rocker

    If you want to hide your one facebook friend to other, then you can’t do this. I don’t think so it was ever possibe.
    But you Can HIDE YOur facebooK FRIends frim the people You don’t know(strangers).
    This is how:
    Log in- Go to your profile page — in the “friends” section There should be a light blue pencil on the top right hand corner of the “friends” section. Click on it.
    Now you can select which friends you want to show others or not.

  4. knownout

    Don’t think you can .. I dont like facebook .

  5. -Baybiie

    You Cant Sorry 🙁
    And I Cant Beleive You Don’t like Facebook *Talks To The Person Who Answered First*
    It’s Cool
    :/ :/

  6. In May 2010 Facebook restore the feature to hide friends.

    Go to:

    – Account
    – Privacy Settings
    – Friends, tabs and connections

    For ‘Friends’ you have three choices: Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends or Custom

    To hide all your friends select “custom” and then in “Make this visible to” “These People” select “Only me”

  7. You can hide and unhide your friends list from the people on your facebook, You simply go to Account/Privacy Settings then once you’re in there, the very top of the page you’ll see in tiny blue writing View Settings.. Click on that and the option will be in the list that is within View Settings : ) Very easy : )

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