What’s A Really Good Blog For Downloading Music?

2010-01-08 at 09:49 am hugege

I’m looking for like, a really huge music blog. One that has more than just one song from each popular artist, but more like total/partial albums. If not, just list off your favorite blogs. I’ll find something.
I have a pretty wide range of what I like, though my favorites are probably rock, and most of the popular stuff out there right now. I don’t want any hip-hop or rap central blogs though.

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  1. jiturbeg

    P2P (Peer to Peer or file-sharing) software like LimeWire, Ares, FrostWire, IMesh, BearShare etc., are risky in nature, slow and virus-prone.
    If you want to download music fast, free, secure and safely go to:http://searchformusic.blogspot.com/
    It’s a specialized, powerful search engine for finding music to download for free.
    It searches many (70+) carefully-selected direct-download virus-free sites that doesn’t require you to log-in nor register.
    There you can find pieces or even entire albums and then download-it without downloading any software nor complications.
    It’s free and secure, but a little tricky, maybe you have to learn how to use it but the site explains all you need to know in order to find and download what you want.
    Because it’s Google-based, you can use for your search all the power of Google, like using entire phrases enclosed in quotation marks, use AND, OR, and – (for excluding), etc. Then in just one powerful search you look at more than 70 music sites simultaneously!
    Good luck & happy downloading!

  2. aerogrl0

    for music i use itunes or limewire.

  3. Nguyên

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