How Do You Hack Into Facebook When Your School Blocks Any Proxy Website?

2010-01-08 at 09:49 am hugege

My school blocked facebook and all of the proxy sites to hack onto it. 🙁

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  1. SD

    What you don’t seem to understand is that you are not the hacker. The hackers are the ones that run the proxies. They are not interested in hacking facebook. They are interested in hacking your computer. Please read some more on this topic here:…

  2. Jiro

    ok i did this get firefox if they havent blocked that use a usb device or a disk and then goto tools then options then Advanced then network then settings then direct connection to internet or if you cant get firefox then internet explorer then tools then internet options then connections then lan settings then if there are any ticks in boxes untick all boxes and it will destroy any proxy settings temporialy that will give you the sites

  3. FeroZ

    I know how frustrating it can be to not able to visit a site…. No, I don’t think hacking is simple and an option. You just need new proxies everyday. Ya I know, you don’t want to go through that search party everyday. But no other option for now.
    Try subscribing at blog, they have a new list of proxy posted everyday. Additionally you can subscribe at to receive proxies directly to your email.

  4. Proxy sites

    try these web proxy to unblock facebookhttp://done9.comhttp://pro4surf.comhttp://hostingzx.comhttp://bingyahoo.infohttp://5ya.infohttp://8az.infohttp://25w.infohttp://3by.infohttp://3m9.info

  5. Paxyoda
  6. sfFirst Name

    you can try this web proxy site. it is the best proxy list.
    fast and have 10 proxy servers. all you need to do is fill in the url you want and click surf.
    alos this: this is web proxy from Taiwan.

  7. Sergei

    Well you can try this brand new web based proxy
    I have try it to log-in to my facebook. And it’s a success

  8. Caleb

    Try the web proxy Also you can find the newest working proxy list or download some proxy softwares from

  9. Anonymous
  10. SpecYaLa

    Try or These can get you to facebook, youtube, myspace, gmail and of course Yahoo Answers.

  11. Johan

    Browse anonymously and or bypass your school, college or workplace network restrictions with Your favourite site blocked? Browse through our site

  12. h4cked!1

    download a cgi proxy, make a website and paste that proxy on ur website (you can get free subdomains that run php and stuff) then goto ur website
    BAM not blocked proxy

  13. ‘Love You Moree[SlimShady]

    Same here =( they blocked bebo too =(
    ******* EJITS =(
    answer mine?…

  14. Max Power
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  17. I tried and all of these didn’t work. I need one to blcon school admin.

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  20. Facebook isn’t as secure as you think it is.. you can still view private facebook pictures.

  21. anyhow have more details on this ?

  22. We seem to be on the same page. Keep up the good work.

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  30. i just wanna know any way to enter to facebook,coz my company make a system that blocked all this sites and proxies so i need help

  31. My teacher blocked this website called math now what too do????

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