How Can I Learn Web Database Programming?

2010-01-06 at 03:26 pm hugege

I am very interested in incorporating databases into web design, which I understand is possible with PHP or MySQL. I am planning to learn about these languages, but wondering if there are additional studies in more traditional languages that I need to do first. I have worked a lot with HTML in the past, and also studied Pascal, Visual Basic, and C++ (the latter two for a year in college each).
Any ideas for what I should brush up on before taking the plunge into the new(ish) languages?

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  1. Tester

    Many of the structures and ideas are consistent through all of the programming languages. Understanding variables, recursion, and functions are useful when beginning to learn PHP. There are a myriad of sources online where you can find beginner level tutorials. Personally, I think is very helpful, and well worth the money, you can watch screen casts of an expert programming in PHP while he explains it to you, in addition, you can download the files and fallow along with the lessons . . . .

  2. Anonymous

    take classes at a community college

  3. mercury

    get mysql book
    also go to the official mysql site they have plenty of examples

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