How Come So Many People Are Following Me On Twitter?

2010-01-04 at 03:46 am hugege

I just joined twitter a few days ago. I posted a few messages (tweets?), nothing fancy. And yet i have people following me like herds – about 10 an hour. Does that make sense? How did all of them find me? What’s in it for them?

3 Responses to “How Come So Many People Are Following Me On Twitter?”

  1. littledu

    They can find you through the “Public Timeline” and just randomly add you, but the more followers and follwerees you have the more fun Twitter is. Without them, it can get pretty boring!

  2. Liam Smith

    People choose to follow you for a number of reasons:
    1. They know you.
    2. They’re interested in you.
    3. They just want you to follow them.
    Be aware that anyone can follow you if you don’t have your Twitter on ‘Protect Updates’, so be careful what you post. Have fun.
    My Twitter Page:

  3. jasonicu

    They are sheep I guess. Or maybe you are an interesting person. Not sure.

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