What Are The Pros And Cons To Having A Facebook Page?

2010-01-02 at 03:46 pm hugege

I’m thinking about reactivating my facebook page because i’m hearing it’s more and more used in business and profession worlds. And it’s great for keeping in touch with old contacts. But, i’m worried about the time cost vs benefit. What or the pros and cons to having a facebook page or anything similar to facebook.

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  1. Anonymous

    – see old friends, what they’re doing, what they look like now, etc
    – post everything about yourself that you’d like
    – much more organized than MySpace
    – you may meet some new/interesting people
    – get invited to a lot more events
    – privacy is not very strong (definately adjust your privacy settings if you get it)
    – might be involved in gossip
    – any photos you post are of the free use of facebook if you should pass away
    this video may give you an idea of the cons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wogtTQs8K…
    other than that, it is fun to get in touch, so I’d say make an account, but be conscious of your privacy
    hope that helps 🙂

  2. Janet J

    Connect with current and old friends.
    The ability to send messages and discuss items
    Privacy (somewhat because you can configure it a lot so this should not be a problem).
    Overall, it is really good to have one if you have many friends.
    Businesswise, it is good for sending messages and chatting using facebook’s chat feature.

  3. Dhan Noon

    The first answer just about covered it.
    I would add to that, for me, personally:
    I know people from different walks of life, some personally, some professionally, and some I have never met that are just online friends. It’s kind of weird having them all in the same place, all able to see each other on my friends list.
    It’s difficult to keep getting group invites. I don’t want to be rude and turn them down, but having 100 plus groups is difficult to keep up with. Same with invitations to applications, especially the silly ones. I’d rather stick with a few that I find handy or fun, such as Mafia Wars or Causes, and ignore the rest.
    As for friends, I add anyone that asks, but keep my profile private in case a potential employer, or my partner’s ex or someone is scoping for info. It’s best to keep it private until you approve an add, in my opinion.
    Definitely addicting, though, I would agree.

  4. different drummer

    Don’t do it!!!!!!!

  5. john smith

    pros NONE
    CONS, thousands just to name a few:
    no one should build their house (business) on a strangers property
    facebook says is free , there is no such thing as a free lunch
    1-) All users info including: text comments, pictures, videos, and wall information are recorded and kept in facebook servers for the best buyer to come and pay for it. It has being proven by many reliable sources that facebook.com not only sells users “private” information to online marketers and third party shady companies. But also the C.I.A receives all the information of facebook users and their Private info. In other words there is no such thing as privacy in facebook.com
    2-) Facebook does in fact permanently disables any users account without any reason what so ever. Just because they want to, at any given time. It happened to me once, I had 5 thousand follower non profit charity facebook fan page dedicated to help poor children in the streets.
    I had this page for 1 full year , On january 1st 2011 , I received a pop up message saying that my account was permanently disabled , and that i should email facebook.com for further information. I actually send 25 different emails to separate addresses , NEVER received an explanation why my account was disabled forever! So facebook is a dictator, what’s the point of putting a great effort to build a nice facebook fan page for your business or on a personal basis, having thousands of followers or fans, if at any time and without any warnings your account might be disabled forever, and you will lose not only time , effort but also important and relevant information that was posted on your facebook account. My solution to this problem is to build a personal website. Always build your effort and your business on your own property not on someone else’s land!
    3-)Facebook’s Terms Of Service are completely one-sided. Let’s start with the basics. Facebook’s Terms Of Service state that not only do they own your data (section 2.1), but if you don’t keep it up to date and accurate (section 4.6), they can terminate your account (section 14). You could argue that the terms are just protecting Facebook’s interests, and are not in practice enforced, but in the context of their other activities, this defense is pretty weak. As you’ll see, there’s no reason to give them the benefit of the doubt. Essentially, they see their customers as unpaid employees for crowd-sourcing ad-targeting data.
    4-)Facebook’s CEO has a documented history of unethical behavior. From the very beginning of Facebook’s existence, there are questions about Zuckerberg’s ethics. According to BusinessInsider.com, he used Facebook user data to guess email passwords and read personal email in order to discredit his rivals. These allegations, albeit unproven and somewhat dated, nonetheless raise troubling questions about the ethics of the CEO of the world’s largest social network. They’re particularly compelling given that Facebook chose to fork over $65M to settle a related lawsuit alleging that Zuckerberg had actually stolen the idea for Facebook
    5-)Facebook makes it incredibly difficult to truly delete your account. It’s one thing to make data public or even mislead users about doing so; but where I really draw the line is that, once you decide you’ve had enough, it’s pretty tricky to really delete your account. They make no promises about deleting your data and every application you’ve used may keep it as well. On top of that, account deletion is incredibly (and intentionally) confusing. When you go to your account settings, you’re given an option to deactivate your account, which turns out not to be the same thing as deleting it. Deactivating means you can still be tagged in photos and be spammed by Facebook (you actually have to opt out of getting emails as part of the deactivation, an incredibly easy detail to overlook, since you think you’re deleting your account). Finally, the moment you log back in, you’re back like nothing ever happened! In fact, it’s really not much different from not logging in for awhile. To actually delete your account, you have to find a link buried in the on-line help (by “buried” I mean it takes five clicks to get there). Or you can just click here. Basically, Facebook is trying to trick their users into allowing them to keep their data even after they’ve “deleted” their account.

  6. john smith

    Do not activate you facebook account , DON’T do it!!!
    i know what i am telling you
    TOO MUCH Time and great Effort to build a fan page with many fans
    Benefits= NONE at all ! Since facebook might disable your acount without any warning and without any reason what so ever , whenever they like to
    And No you will noT NEVER receive you account back , no matter how many emails you send them! It happened to me once and i was devastated , i also know many people who not only despise facebook. com , but also are on a legal trial as of right now , because facebook.com stole many private information from their accounts! Read my story on the message above , thanks

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