How Do You Answer To Celebrities Questions On Twitter?

2010-01-02 at 03:46 pm hugege

I want to answer questions that loads of celebrities ask on twitter! They ask questions so you can win prizes and things, so I would love to be able to answer them! Also how you reply to things that they say! Any answers for me?!

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  1. Jasper County Rose

    yeah you click reply. that simple.

  2. cathugge

    If you see a Twitter from someone and you want to reply to it, hover your mouse to the right of the message and you will see two symbols. One is a curved arrow – click that. That will preload your typing box with an “@” and the person’s Twitter ID. Then leaving a space after their ID type your short message and press update or reply under your typing box.
    It will look something like:
    @JoeSmith My answer is red!
    (you can also type the @ and their ID by hand)

  3. The Tech Guru

    Just do something like @Jessicasimpson i think the answer is blahblah..
    just put that in your status update bar.
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  4. j g

    click reply or in a new tweet put: @(insert user name)

  5. Courtney

    yeah you click reply. that simple.

  6. Caralee Wilkins
  7. nana

    twitter is stupid and for the birds

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