Who Do You Recommend I Follow On Twitter In Order To Score Lots Of Free Stuff?

2009-12-31 at 03:45 am hugege

I recently joined Twitter, and while frankly I could give a damn what my friends are doing every two minutes, I do know that lots of companies send our little promotional tweets. Sprinkles cupcakes regularly sends out tweets saying that if you come in and say a certain word, you get a free cupcake. Who else does stuff like that?

3 Responses to “Who Do You Recommend I Follow On Twitter In Order To Score Lots Of Free Stuff?”

  1. Adrian

    Anyone can tweet about a freebie and anyone would love that his followers get that freebie first. Try to follow people that are in a business that you are interested in, in that way you’ll get all the free stuff that you want to have. And to be safe and famous on twitter try to avoid some kind of tweets that may harm your reputation. I just came across an interesting article about 5 things that you should never do on twitter; pretty interesting: http://www.zakshow.com/2009/06/26/5-thin…
    In general as many people as you follow as it become more interesting.
    I hope that can help a bit..

  2. Dustin Case

    Everyone does stuff like that. You’d really just have to catch it. I give out free music if you want to follow me:
    And if you want to get a bunch of followers for FREE with about 1 minute of effort, you can check out my link here:http://tweetergetter.com/dustincase

  3. Jfloody

    hey man i follow this guy and he always tweets about coupons and awesome deals that you can get hes link is http://www.twitter.com/directcoupons

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