What Is The Best Way To Draw Attention To My Blog?

2009-12-31 at 10:06 am hugege

My blog is posted on My Space and consists of unedited excerpts from my novel. I’d like to get some feedback, good or bad, before submitting it to a publisher.

4 Responses to “What Is The Best Way To Draw Attention To My Blog?”

  1. racingco

    Sounds like you’re trying to do that with your question.

  2. Anonymous

    Have a really interesting subject as your title, bribe people. Tell them you’ll whore them if they read your bulletin… I guess…..

  3. fwahlqvi

    If you go to diffrent forums on the net you should be able to get feadback forums where you send in your site to and they will then comment on it

  4. MBR

    I’m thinking that MySpace is not a good idea for what you are looking for.
    I don’t think the people you are wanting to read your novel would find a MySpace Blog professional.
    It is a start. Print out your novel, give it to some of your friends, and tell them to honestly tell you what they think.
    What’s the worst that could happen if you send it to a publisher? They could tell you were you needed improvment.
    [ says the girl who can’t spell ]

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