What Is A Respectable Number Of Visits For A Personal Blog?

2009-12-31 at 09:47 pm hugege

What is a respectable number of daily/weekly/monthly visitors for a personal WordPress blog about sports that is updated once a day or once every two days?

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  1. amisugge

    Depends on what kind of blog it is. Sports is a very broad topic. If it is a blog on something like swimming or running and it is a ‘tips’ and ‘news’ on running or one of the major sports type of blog then a couple of thousand visitors a day is okay. But if it is a light blog on some small niche in sports then it could be as few as 200 a month.
    It really does depend on what subniche your blog is on and how much value the information on it shares

  2. Deepesh M D

    Since this is updated once a day, i suppose this is a digest or a recap of sports events. In that case you should have about 100-200 per week
    If the updation in a day is just about an Event or so, then you may expect about 30-100 hits per week.

  3. summerlo

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  4. courtcra

    100 to 200 a week

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