I Want To Start A Fashion Blog But Have No Idea Where To Start?

2009-12-31 at 03:47 am hugege

I’m interested in fashion and I want to start a blog but I have no idea where to start or how to get people interested in my blog. Any ideas welcome.

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  1. WebTraff

    Go to Blogger.com. It is free and very easy to use. I have found it to be the best. Add as much content and as high quality of content as you can. Then go to the major search engines like google yahoo msn bing etc. Submit/add your url (your web site address) to each search engine so you get web traffic to your blog. Then join social networking sites like myspace facebook twitter etc. and find people who are or would be interested in your topic(s) to invite. If your site is good you will gain a decent following. Also participate in forums and commenting on similar sites. If you provide interesting or useful information people will follow up to your website and check it out. This is targeted web traffic. Good luck and check out my blog which is exactly on the topic of getting more people to your blog or website. So many tips and resources are there all Free!!!

  2. VintageH

    Just start a blog, then start writing about things that interest you , fashion-wise. Once you’re updating it regularly and you want people to read what you’re writing you can advertise it. I suggest advertising it:
    *Yahoo! answers at the bottom of your answers
    *in your e-mail signature (if it’s appropriate)
    *join a fashion forum and put in your signature
    People will join.

  3. oxZara

    Create a blog
    Then tell fashion tips and what fashion would suit you for every season.
    Add some pictures.
    Make a youtube account aswell.
    create your own fashion video of what you have for winter.
    do some makeup tutorials to go with the clothes.

  4. Mr Funny Question man

    put a link to the page that has your blog and a video or something with your favourite ideas

  5. Lexi

    EMG!! if you do start one you havee to email me!! i would totally join!!

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