How To Prevent A Friend List In My Facebook To See My Profile Posts?

2009-12-31 at 09:46 pm hugege

Even though i didn’t want it, the guys in my company added me to their facebook. I had to accept those useless guys.
I created a new friend list for them and added them to that list.
I don’t want the people in this list to see my facebook posts, actions.
How can i make a privacy setting for them so they won’t see my posts?
I have an app on facebook. I have to use it 🙁

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  1. knowledg

    No need to create a list for them.
    Go to your friends list and find them individually, close to their names should be a tab saying what if they belong to any of your lists, click on the tab and select “Limited Profile” do this for all of them and they will all be on your limited profile list. Then go to privacy setting and select the kind of info is visible for the people on your “limited profile”. You can select from just letting them see your wall posts, to just letting them see your picture and name.

  2. Callie

    -Go to facebook.
    -Click on settings and select privacy.
    -Click on profile
    -Click each drop down menu and select “customize”
    – Type in the name you want to block where it says “except these people” (note, you CANNOT do this in “profile” part.
    -Click on save and you should be good to go.

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  4. There are websites out there that give you access to private facebook profiles….

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