What Type Of Web Sites Have The Most Viruses And Other Nasty Stuff?

2009-12-28 at 09:26 am hugege

Can I ask what type of web sites are the worst for f@@king your computer (despite having Norton antivirus with bang up to date antivirus definitions installed as these are NOT 100% safe). Is it music download sites. Cheers.

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  1. dsclimb1

    Virus will be located where people visit most, or down load stuff they can be hidden in. So yeah music sites. But Porn and Casino stuff are good choices too.
    There is no limit to the tactic that can be employed. Norton gets everything on mine, almost too good at blocking popups i need etc..

  2. brainlad

    EMAILS with viruses in them- had one today telling me it was from amazon and thanks for my order and that my credit card had been debited- which was all fake. Left a weird programme on my computer that made it difficult to surf the net. Had to reload both my computers on my network.

  3. tim the tog
  4. takeaboo

    never go on a site that ends in .ws these sites are popular if your’e looking for cracks or serials
    loaded with adware spyware and viruses
    i was looking for a serial for nero 7 and went to a site that ended in ws ended up having to re-install windows xp and lost everything
    avoid at all costs

  5. Anonymous

    Sites that supply Software Cracks are the worst for giving you bulls**t. Try to avoid them.

  6. Dave

    I had Norton anti virus,i used to have Kaaza and i ended up having loads of viruses,so i got rid of both of them,i wasnt happy after paying for them then getting rid of them.

  7. spankdis

    porn music sharing game cheat,hacker and cracker

  8. ckm1956

    Probably porn sites.

  9. youngdom

    Give up using Windows, and install Linux on your computer. Linux is immune to all viruses, malware, spyware and adware.
    Linux is a complete operating system that is either free or very cheap ($10-$30) and comes bundled with a huge variety of free software.
    The Linux desktop is amazingly flexible and customizable, and anyone who is used to Windows will soon feel comfortable with it – and shocked by how dull their old Windows system looks by comparison! For example, in Linux you can use up to twenty (yes twenty) separate desktop work spaces – Windows only gives you one.
    Go to http://www.distrowatch.com to find out how to get all the popular flavors of Linux…
    …then do an image search for Linux screen grabs on Google.
    DC 🙂

  10. Elaine B

    Probably Porn… You can only get viruses when you download files that are infected. .

  11. ?

    flash player websites watch out for them where them games are there loaded with virus & trojan stop off them

  12. Spywares and Viruses do really give me one heck of a headache.-;-

  13. spywares and viruses always give me some headache. they can really mess up your pc.*“

  14. me09

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