What Is The Best Website For A Really Good Blog?

2009-12-27 at 09:47 pm hugege

I am going to begin blogging, by writing my autobiography. What are some of the best free blog sites around? Are there better sites if I’m willing to pay for it? What are those sites please?

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  1. E V I E ♥

    I use blogger..
    I haven’t tried any others but I think it’s pretty good.

  2. Rhys

    I use it for blogging, it’s really good, if you have Chatango Chatboxes, you can add them to your sidebar
    Look at my blog 4 example
    it’s where i post updates for my youtube channel and stuff, if you scroll down you will see my chat box
    It is also free of charge and has lots of widgets
    If you want a website free (with a blog) http://Webs.com/ is good, i have one aswell:

  3. Big Destroyer

    answer minehttp://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?…

  4. Metalhea

    Blogspot is a standard in blogging.

  5. JG

    word press.com holds a really good blog. it’s free of charge 2!

  7. The Man
  8. Homeless

    I see lots of blogs that use this site.

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