How Can I Make My Blog Popular ? I Started Written A Blog But One One Person Visited And Liked It ?

2009-12-25 at 09:53 pm hugege

Can somebody seriously help and guide me to make my blog popular ? Is it possible if I tie up with newspaper to earn my livelihood through blogs.

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  1. Kumar

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  2. need to know

    There are many ways to get traffic to your blog. You should first start by getting advertisers on your site so you can make money when people visit. Also, make sure when you write your blog you are writing them with the SEO style in mind. There are many sites that can help you. Keywords are just so important. Also, visiting sites like this one and putting your blog out there can help.

  3. Maarten K

    Keep writing a lot and good-quality articles, preferably at least once a week. post links around the web on sites like, reddit and stumble upon, otherwise people will not read it. Once you will start making a name things might get rolling.
    However, I’m not sure if you’ll be able to make a living with just writing on your blog. If so, you’ll have to write a lot!!

  4. seo

    if u wants to popular your blog you need some seo on your blog for more information visit the site

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