How Do You Make A Really Popular Web Forum?

2009-12-23 at 03:27 pm hugege

There are plenty of forums on the web where you visit them, and you see so little traffic (very few posts and replies), that you say this site sucks and you never visit it again.
There are also lots of forums that have hundreds of thousands of posts and you go there and say wow, I need to register here.
But every web forum starts out with few posts. How do you make that transition from a low traffic web site where everyone leaves to a heavy traffic site where everyone wants to register and participate?

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  1. Kefala

    I believe free hosted forums are a good thing. I know a lot of people who run very successful forums using these services. A lot of people don’t even have websites but still manage to run a successful forum. Generally the admins don’t even want to move from the service even when they get to >100,000 posts, they are happy all server management is done for them and the costs involved in running a large forum are handled by the main forum hosting company.
    I made mine on

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