What Is A Clever Name For A Weight Loss Blog?

2009-12-20 at 03:51 pm hugege

I am planning to begin to lose weight and I want to start a blog about my weight loss, the struggles, post pictures, write about what I have learned as I go and other stuff about my personal journey to find the skinnier me. Any suggestions for a snappy, catchy blog title?

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  1. sasenach

    Gross Loss Discourse

  2. Johnny O

    Just a thought, there is nothing wrong with a catchy title but depending on what your intention is for the blog you might want to scrap clever and go for keyword rich. If this is just for your friends, then clever is good, but if you want to ultimately attract attention from search engines and are not planning on spending a ton of money on SEO then having a name with some good weight loss related keywords in it will help you out a lot when it comes to getting search engine rankings.
    If income is the ultimate goal I would search for the free google keyword tool and type in weight loss, fat loss, diet tips, or whatever else makes sense and then copy all of the keywords that the tool suggests (one click download to a text file) and then go over to godaddy and use the bulk domain function (in the domain tab) and enter them all in and hit search. This will show you if any of the commonly searched keywords in your niche are available as domain names. If they are not, broaden your root keyword from weight loss to something longer like weight loss diets, and so on.
    But if this is just for fun then clever is great.

  3. lukkkee
  4. I am a cat

    Fat to Fabulous

  5. Mabes
  6. Weight Loss can be achieved easily through exercise. You should also consider a healthy and balance diet that is free from saturated fat. Avoid sugary foods too.

  7. The most effective way for Losing Weight is exercise. You just do some cardio workout everyday like jogging and running for miles. That would effectively burn the fats in your body.

  8. When you are trying to lose weight, the best way to do it is still by proper dieting and exercise. Avoid taking slimming pills at all cost, they do more harm than good.

  9. I commonly don

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  17. I cannot undrestand why people can be happy of being fat!

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  24. I’ve been making an attempt to lose weight for years. It is all the time an up and down fight. I take 2 steps forward and four backwards. I never seem to make a lot progress. I am going to begin a diet, do effectively for awhile, then go back to my previous habits. I do over and over again. Effectively, I am blissful to say that because of sites like yours I been in a position to lose 47 kilos to this point! You articles hold me motivated. Everyday I attempt to read on something new to keep my excitement and continue going onward. Thanks!

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