What Web Site Can I Use To Find Out How To Build A New Home From Start To Finish?

2009-12-16 at 03:26 am hugege

I have already leveled the ground and now I need to now the next step. I am looking free books ,web sites, or information that will help me .

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  1. Michael

    You are kinda stuck between a rock & hard place. Do you have any idea what kind of home you are going to build? Once you figure that out, get a set of blue prints. Then, start by getting a copy of the building codes for the area you live in. There is a lot of good info. in there. There is no website, that I know of, that will show you how to build a house for free, anyway. Make sure though you plan EVERYTHING out first.

  2. Joe L

    Trying to build your own house is like trying to do plastic surgery on yourself — it’s just too complicated for a layman. For example, now that the ground is leveled, you’ll have to go back in and dig it up for the plumbing waste lines.
    Not only are there a ton of codes and zoning requirements, the intricacies of plumbing and electricity will leave you with a house that just doesn’t work.
    Get a builder or an architect and do this right!

  3. BRIAN C

    Where on earth do you live Anthony – certainly not in the UK – or I suspect any other civilised country.
    Certainly here in the UK you cannot just decide your going to build your own house and then just get on with it – you need maps, plans, blueprints, – you have to show that you will meet all safety and building regulations so that any amatuer cannot just pile bricks on top of each other – call it a house – and then have it fall down on top of someone.
    There is a great deal of work which should have been done before you levelled the ground – what about drainage – sewage – water supply – electricity supplies etc. – all need to be sorted before you start building
    Building a house involves a lot of very skilfull trades – it is not something you can just pick up from reading a website – I am horrified at the thought of what you are doing – please tell us the area you live in so that I know never to buy a house in that area in case it’s the one you built.

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