Why Does My Webcam Not Work With Facebook?

2009-12-15 at 09:46 pm hugege

I have a PC desktop and I bought a Microsoft LiveCam which I was planning on using to send videos through via facebook. It kept saying that it’s either not turned on or being used in another application, and I called customer support and they said that webcams are not compatible with facebook (at least non-built in ones). Is this true? Are only macs with built in cams compatible?

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  1. pinkeye1

    That is true. Webcams are not compatible with facebook. But you should be able to take video with webcam and email it.

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  3. I have friends who have web cams that work just fine on facebook, but mine does not. What other options are there for talking live via facebook?

  4. Merv

    I am using a Microsoft-VX1000 webcam to talk on Skype. Sometime only my friends can see me and other times it appears that my wbecam is not supported by Skype or requesting me to download drivers. I have done this so many times – but problem still pursists. How can it work at times if it is not supported by skype. Also it is mentioned in the VX-1000 literature that it works with Skyoe. Can anyone please advise me on this issue.

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