Wibiya -Boost your blog / website with rich and interactive features.

2009-11-09 at 08:10 am hugege


Boost your blog / website with rich and interactive features.

* No coding needed
* Add it in two minutes
* Totally free!

Create a Facebook Community

* Create a blog community using Facebook Connect
* Real profiles of real people
* Track your community growth as readers invite their friends
* Communicate with your community and learn what they like

Increase Page Views

* Gain traffic from Facebook through your members news feed
* Engage readers and raise pageviews with applications such as post navigator and blog search
* Track your traffic growth through simple analytics tools

Communicate With Your Readers

* Share your tweets with your readers in real time
* Send short alerts to your readers with each entry to your blog
* Direct channel to your Facebook community members

Power Tools

* Discover a growing range of applications to enrich your readers experience
* Full tracking and management system for each application and effectiveness to your blog
* Add and remove applications in just one click

Works Everywhere
The Wibiya toolbar (Wibar) works on all the popular blogging platforms and more.

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