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2009-11-09 at 07:51 am hugege

Now you can host a free speed test on your own server that uses the same technology as Speedtest.net! Setup is very simple, and the only requirement is that your web server supports PHP, ASP.NET or ASP.

This application is offered “as is” free of charge without any support – use it at your own risk. We will introduce new features to it every few months in required updates. As such you will have to download it again periodically.

While Speedtest.net Mini will work on almost any web server, some require minor settings changes. Read the troubleshooting file included in mini.zip for further details.

If you need a permanent speed test with detailed reporting and/or your own branding, please head over to the Ookla Net Metrics site. Be sure to check out the Gallery of Products for many examples of our creations.

Setup Instructions

Follow these steps to setup Speedtest.net Mini:

1. Download and unzip mini.zip onto your server
2. Decide on PHP, ASP.NET or ASP support
3. Select which index-*.html file to use
4. Rename the chosen file to index.html
5. Load up index.html in your browser

Download Now

You can also copy the commented code from index.html and paste it into an existing web page. Just be sure to keep the speedtest folder and speedtest.swf in place.

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