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Auntie, please put off the windows


Today, my bus,
Not because of how sleep, fell asleep on the ,
Later, a woman put up a Window opens up,
Whistling wind, cold awaken me.
I look forward one to see that woman a big braids comb, back up a primary school students,
I thought she sent the children to school,
I cried on her: Aunt, please put up a Window clearance,

What are we doing Available online in the end?!


A day on e-commerce classes,
Teacher at the above mentioned a problem: “We can now except online shopping, online shop, but also available online to do what?”
Teacher suddenly saw D at sleeping children’s shoes, I am very angry with him to answer the call.
D children’s shoes fell heavy to stand up, because in the sleep problem did not hear, so he could not answer, they did not stand up and speak.
See D children’s shoes not say anything, and
Teacher urgency, the loud roar to: “What to do in the Internet?”

Good happy married Sadako


1, Sadako has a black shawl beautiful hair, charming.

2, Sadako has big eyes, bigger than Zhao Wei, Zhao Wei all red, she was not well-known capacity of nature difficult.

3, Sadako is very clean, clothes never change or so white, there is, the bubble in the water every day, and taking a bath to wash the very ground.

Why do you watch other people answer?!


Xiao Ming caught cheating on exams,

Teacher then said a small question: “Why do you watch other people answer?!”

And Xiao Ming said:

“The subject rather than on plain reading, please find the correct answer?!”

You can found express company


The company called one of my colleagues MANDY
One day
One of my colleagues suddenly Say
MANDY, you go express company to open a bar.

Called slow delivery (MANDY) express it.

Awkward moments. . .

“Sauce” and “ginger”


today, I will let the owner put some “sauce”
The boss did not paste,
However, the “sauce” to listen to a “ginger”
The boss just has “ginger”
So let me give a lot of “ginger”
My God,
My storms Khan ~

Three individual fruits mining story


Three individuals have a day in the orchard fruits mining

After 30 minutes one of two people from the orchard came out

To the washbasin to wash fruit

The first one to say that I take to the grape for you??

The second person that I take to the orange

Sticky dead


Have a piece of chewing gum are not careful to fall, and
So he was stuck in the ground,
Systemic effort exhausted him ,
But is unable to stand up again.
Has been for several days, he finally hungry no effort has been .
It was so sticky to the fast time of starvation,
Miserable him tearfully said:

“(T_T) sticky dead ~”

Google-“I am extremely …”


Open the browser to enter the Google (not Google), the in the search box type “I am extremely” (I am … …)
Google will list the most common search content, as shown below, please focus on U.S. Finally a content information.
I am extremely terrified of chinese people

On map information shows that there is on 12,300,000 web pages, people say that they feel very tired.