Twiturm – Share your music on Twitter

2009-03-07 at 11:55 pm hugege


I make music, a lot of people I know make music and a lot of us use Twitter. Some as a promotional tool, some just as a form of communication. But every now and then I; like most of you, want to share what I create with those that follow me. In the process I didn’t like uploading my music to one site, going to another site to make a short url then posting on Twitter. Hence the idea for Twiturm was born. One place to store, stream and post your music to Twitter. No other convoluted sites.

Twiturm is not intended to be used as a place to share music that you didn’t create and we hope users don’t abuse the site. Twiturm is not for their music it’s for your music. Twit Ur Music:, Twiturm

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  1. Cool!Thanks for the info!I am not a fan of Twitter, but i will be this time because of the free Twiturm, awesom!

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