Good happy married Sadako

2009-03-07 at 11:30 pm hugege

1, Sadako has a black shawl beautiful hair, charming.

2, Sadako has big eyes, bigger than Zhao Wei, Zhao Wei all red, she was not well-known capacity of nature difficult.

3, Sadako is very clean, clothes never change or so white, there is, the bubble in the water every day, and taking a bath to wash the very ground.

4, Sadako not have to worry about aging, so many years or this small look like, what a woman of forty tofukasu class do not need to consider.

5, Sadako is good to see her climb out from the television, the writhing fine, and that act of modeling, not decades, basic dance training is absolutely not come out to practice.

6, Sadako often on television, his wife on if the regular lens, the camera can only show her sense of good, look beautiful, this is a matter of how happy ah Moreover, Sadako also issued their own albums – Video tape.

7, Sadako has style, often called the middle of the night Here you are, then a word to let you guess who she was, that she no longer miss you ever carved.

8, Sadako have real estate, although only about a one square wells, but very quiet and cool, imagine in noisy cities are accustomed to the Living in the here and sweetheart Spring tide washing 个no need to worry about someone else disturb, sauna days do not have to consider, together with the large piece of stone Inoue, but rain is really romantic to the extreme, therefore, it is inserted door can be considered.

9, Sadako Does not have to worry about gossip, and now men are henpecked gossip all day long not said that once there is a confidential matter, such as promotions and pay rises, and give you a long time ago said that at the end of fall months. Sadako was just the opposite, no more and no speech will not leak, but also put into a secret secret Forever.

10, Sadako was melancholy, poor background, Lin Tai-yu’s a feeling, pale and bow strokes poor people hurt, men like this type .

11, Sadako good feed, they say that only his wife and small hard to raise it, Sadako is not, she does not plan to wear, not to cosmetics and even food or drink, and money to the extreme.

12, Sadako call, if the two separated, thoughts, want her to look at her videos, seven days she has come from television, can save a lot of money to visit relatives to avoid crassicarpa suffer.

13, Sadako improper housewife, she has dedication, there is affinity, as long as the one seen her videos, she will be back within seven days of telephone, door-to-door man Signature.

14, her mother, she will predict the future, it is estimated that she has a little genetic, buy lottery tickets can refer to her opinions, accidentally became a rich man.

Who is not Posted Sadako tonight she would quietly appear

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