Auntie, please put off the windows

2009-03-07 at 11:33 pm hugege

Today, my bus,
Not because of how sleep, fell asleep on the ,
Later, a woman put up a Window opens up,
Whistling wind, cold awaken me.
I look forward one to see that woman a big braids comb, back up a primary school students,
I thought she sent the children to school,
I cried on her: Aunt, please put up a Window clearance,

She began not heard, it is cold,
I could not help forward pictures of her and said: Auntie, please put up a Window clearance.
She looked back and me,
I Mongolia, and
A young 14-year-old little girl’s face come into my eyes, she looked at me innocent.
I burst Khan, and
Well, the person in front of my face and called her aunt, please forgive me! !

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