Google Notebook – Clip and collect information as you browse the web

2009-02-13 at 11:45 pm hugege

Access Google Notebook features from any web page.
Download the extension to access Google Notebook and all its functionality without ever leaving the web page you’re on; you can view your notebooks, organize them into sections, add notes of your own, and more. Open and close the mini Google Notebook by simply clicking the notebook icon in your browser’s status bar.

Clip information with a single click.
Quickly add clippings of web content (images, text and links) straight to your notebook by highlighting the content you want and clicking the “Clip” button in the mini Google Notebook.

The full-page view

Organize your notes.
Keep all your notes organized by creating multiple notebooks for different subjects or by dividing a single notebook into several sections. You can also easily rearrange your notes by dragging-and-dropping them from one section or notebook to another.

Add your own thoughts.
Click the “New note” button and start typing to add text notes to your notebook, or click the “Add comment” link within a note to add comments to clippings you’ve collected.

Search the full text of your notebooks.
Easily find any information in your notebooks using the search box at the top of the page.

Collaborate and share with others

Collaborate with others.
Invite your friends to collaborate on a notebook with you, giving them full access to edit that notebook and add their own notes.

Publish your notebook.
Share your notebook with everyone on the web by making it a public web page. Your published notebook will be assigned a unique web address that you can then share with friends and family.

Discover others’ notebooks, too.
Search for notebooks that others have created and published to the web.

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