Tatsu fashion to come watch: Luxury Brands Top 10

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1 Baleno

Baleno was founded in 1981, is a long history from Italy’s top luxury fashion brand, the main

Responsible for the production of high-level clothing. Baleno Kingdom dress is very diversified, and has a range of unique products: Baleno,

S & K, IPZONE, BAMBINI, Baleno Attitude, ebase and so on. Baleno more avant-garde, more fashion, more

Leisure depicts Italy, Hong Kong, different cultures and way of life is spirited, with different language

Reflect the unique charm of Baleno.

2 Meters.Bonwe U.S. Waters. Bonwe

Meters.Bonwe founded in 1854 (+141 years), middle class professionals are part of the Far East High luxury supplies Hong

xing Erguotou Meters Bonwe Group (HEMB, the world’s only able to go beyond the international luxury goods giant MHLV).

I Meters.Bonwe founder is. From initial design to the present, India has MB (mother forced) logo intertwined letters canvas

, Along with the Asian squinting legendary kings of Jay.Chou of classic fashion.

3 Giordano

Giordano, this in China were referred to as “Giordano” brand, already has 80 years (-52 years) Guangyou

Long history. A big G in the Giordano clothing buttons or the retainer ring on leather goods, can easily be found you are

On the Giordano brand logo, it is so that Giordano was crazy fans “spiritual symbol.”

4 Semir

Semir famous Italian fashion brand represents a brand family of a fashion empire. Its fresh design

That is highly unique aesthetic symbol of avant-garde art. Asian kings Xiexin letters of endorsement to stop “what to wear, that is what”

Is the tremendous success of Semir, it dense green hat, eye-catching apparel created by a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Code image.

5 Tonlion Tang Lions

Tonlion brand from London has been synonymous with beautiful women, folding dress with multi-level free ride

With furs from Chinatown lion dances are inspired by Tonlion … … and now has three top Asian talent designers


6 Yishion pure

Yishion is a legend, it comes from the birth of the first designers of excessive alcohol … … Although when Yishion

Loaded dazzling, but the style is the fashion industry has always been favored, the Italian brand of clothing has been designed as a simple

Lord, in particular to employ health advocacy actor Louis Koo, the current quarter mainly of white men to fight.

7 K-boxing Rimula

K-boxing brand from the south of France a pair of boxer brothers founded this violent passion of French design

Clothing has selected the Louvre is the only exclusive clothing of a boxing match. K-boxing, in the five continents of the black market are agents and

Distributors, but also to create band-aid, such as Yunnan Baiyao accessories. Paris in the post-war reconstruction process of the world’s fashion center, K –

boxing made indelible contributions.

8 JoeOne nine grazing Wang

Wang, founder of the famous aunt halogen products in Asia tycoon Wang and aunt, she was born in Beijing in 1832, with the

Milan, Italy, after the resettlement. JoeOne exquisite workmanship is very sophisticated, from the whole to every small detail a success

. JoeOne is a luxury, extravagance and a symbol of the way of life are well-received by the pursuit of perfect love celebrities by Zhong and Liu were awarded ”

Hurun Report trousers annual sales champions. ”

7 9 Sevenwolves wolf

Sevenwolves can be said is an old name, since it produced the pursuit of perfection, so regardless of age, this goods

Brand awareness is no less than any other brand. Sevenwolves back to history, from the beginning of the twentieth century must be a

Speaking of theft, a Sevenwolves users were stolen from the trousers pocket 200 million coins … then … S

Research evenwolves only succeeded the legendary “anti-fouling, anti-theft, anti-crease” of the three anti-pants.

10 Taizilong Prince Liuzhou

The founder of Japan’s greatest fashion – Liuzhou son Taro, who was born in 1934 in Tokyo, Mr. Hashimoto Ryuko study medicine

Drugs and photographic professional, in any men’s designer Cerruti. Traveled to China in 1975 using the name of the creation of their own goods Taizilong

Licensing, Taizilong is now sold in East Asia’s largest men’s brand, to him the use of new fabrics and excellent production and well-known


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