3 mosquito story

2009-02-10 at 02:45 am hugege

3 mosquitoes to show off their flying skills.

A mosquito first flying frog, in its turn a few laps around

Come back, only the frog tongue play a slipknot.

Say it proud: “In my hometown, if there is no such skill, and soon would be finished.”

Two mosquito-B sneer: “Well,a piece of cake!” So it into two frogs, they saw back and forth several times

Come back, two frog tongue to form a knot, it’s raised eyebrow said: “Well, in my hometown, it is necessary to do to survive.”

Mosquito C disdain: “a joke, in my home, never seen such a poor technology!”

Mosquito AB unconvinced: “Do you think you have much patience?”

Thus, a group of mosquito-C on the flying frogs, in which the shuttle a few times

Come back, only the frog’s tongue pull together, into a “Chinese knot” ….

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