2 kilograms there is a multiple?

2009-02-10 at 09:49 pm hugege

Day, I am on daily necessities, the supermarket shopping. Supermarkets have the day activities, purchase optional full xx free xxx.


Row behind me a few girls

Estimated to be bought a lot of things, you can send the weight of what that thing.

A woman: Ah, you said that the number of two kilograms heavier?

B M: the amount of ah … do not know.

A woman: It is not the Second ah?

C M: if 500 grams is a pound, two kilograms, two kilograms … … it should be four-jin.

: Oh … …

A woman: only four-jin ah?? So little … oh …

PS, this supermarket in G and s Normal university apartment next to …

Miss .. ah, do you think the number of two kilograms ah?-_-I really am curious how they are admitted to the University of … China’s next-generation poor quality of education … ah …

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