11 large vehicles had been blown to the roof

2009-02-08 at 09:06 am hugege

China news agency, Yanji, May 6 (Qin Yong) – By the northeast boundary of low pressure above the impact of wind

Today, 11:30 to 14:00, Jilin Yanbian state raid was windy

Instantaneous maximum wind reached 11 for Yanbian rare in history.


Strong winds brought about many dramatic scenes. A car was windy Momin to “blow” to the roof of the roadside.

Reporter went to the phenomenon found that here the special terrain, roads higher than the houses on both sides.

According to the driver say he was driving in a curve,

All of a sudden burst of wind up cars on the Gone with the Wind, yet he recovered

His car had left the road a low roof.

Yanji City, a car repair factory workers, the

Today, they are a total of more than 30 car windshield replaced before.

Many drivers said the broken glass, he did not suffer a hard object impact, it seems entirely caused by the wind is really perplexing.

Wind appears to be crazy … … … … .. weather you get better quick

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