A bit small interesting cold sweet mother

2009-02-07 at 11:24 pm hugege


A taxi back to mother sit at home playing in front of the future, boarded a direct said: “The Road to AAA.”

That driver is very depressing reading about my mother, the mother thought that he could not understand Cantonese, on the ordinary repeated: “AAA Road.”

That driver seems to be very reluctant to do the opening of the car.

The results not only opened for one minute, taxi stopped, the mother wondered and read road signs before you found out that there is a AAA Road, her home address and the lady’s address Lane company.

And then apologized. The two drivers did not forget to ridicule: “I still think now people are rich is not money to such a degree it.”


Paradise umbrella bad mother, and her expertise to the maintenance shop maintenance.

Two days at home, suddenly received a call. Because there is caller ID, my mother knew was an unfamiliar number, so she was very polite, said: “Hey, how are you, may I ask where to find?”

“Heaven ah!”

Grandma legitimate decisions when using foul language, telephone : “Miss, do you pull the umbrella repaired.”

Grandma immediately turn anger to laughter: “Owo, then it is thank you ah.”


Grandma like new money.

Back on the 1st lady home, one son who are in the U.S.. Cousin, I do not know where the fish come back from two 1000 Korean currency, cousin to the preparation.

The beginning of one mother did not know what happened, a rather scornful tone, with the two seem a long time money.

Until she suddenly discovered that she had never seen the foreign currency, the grandmothers hard to change out a 100. She begged for a long time to finally change after cousin suddenly said: “The 1,000 won = 10 yuan Oh.”

Mother’s face twitch said: “I ah … I know!”

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