Word of the ghost story

2009-02-06 at 11:59 pm hugege

1, I am a man who wants to take a taxi, the driver asked me:

You two going? 2, one person walked away from the scene of the accident, the face of someone stopped him:

hei! your car with one hand still in it!

3, drive too fast, an old woman to lie on the window looked at me.

4, the motorcycle then girlfriend from work, a bit cold night, his girlfriend softly round me with open arms.

Suddenly she touched my face: “cold?” About to remind kissing;

Suddenly found his girlfriend’s waist has not left his hands, ah!

5,上网last night, friends suddenly knock the windows of my house told me to go out to play ~! Are windows that do not prepare,

Suddenly reminded of their moving from one floor to move to 10th Floor ~ ~ it is Who??

6, at midnight, the awakened by nightmares, I see my brother sitting on the bedside and gently asked me: “how the?”

I said: a dream with its own head of a group of ghosts after me!

Is not the case? Said, brother, his head came off.

7, office high-rise elevators stop only 15-30 buildings, 30 buildings in the small F, one day after overtime late into the night sitting alone in the lift down

Elevator stopped on each floor to open the door, the door no one, finally, stopped at the 14th floor

Outside the one white woman said: yo good squeeze, I would like to come in … …

8, has personal reading this post, did not return the next day never wake up

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