Have an egg

2009-02-06 at 03:54 am hugege

Tea House has an egg to a cup of tea, the results of it into a tea-leaf eggs.

Have an egg go to the Songhua River for swimming, the results of it into the egg.

Have a wish to become egg eggs to the Songhua River for swimming, careless detonated Sinopec Jilin branch was benzene pollution has become a stupid (benzene) eggs.

Have one has eggs went to Shandong, the results of the egg into a Rubens.

An egg has become homeless, it turned into a wild eggs.

Have an egg on the road carelessly throw a cross, fell to the ground, the result turned into a derivative (inverted) shells.

An egg has gone into the yard they are turned into the atom (yard) shells.

Went to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has an egg, the result turned into a hydrogen (Green) shells.

Have an egg is sick, the results turned into a villain.

Have an egg into the river swimming, the results turned into a nuclear (River) shells.

Have an egg to go to the flowers, the result turned into Opera.

Have an egg riding a horse, with a knife, the original is him.

Have an egg is grown ugly, the result becomes a dinosaur egg.

Have an egg and a fool to speak, the result has become stupid.

Have an egg to hot springs in Japan, into a shell.

Has installed an egg to a purse, the turned into a fried egg.

To have an egg, when suicide bombings became a bomb.

Have an egg to the Dead Sea swimming, the results become Ultraman!

Have an egg roll you roll it, it becomes a go to hell.

Have an egg on the bowl in hard ramming ramming ah, the result turned into a troublemaker.

Have an egg falling into the toilet becomes a bad-egg.

Have an egg was blind a result, the egg into a natter.

Have an egg wearing leather, it becomes preserved.

An egg has become larger and the results became duck

Have an egg accidentally forgotten by chicken in a hen house in the result, she became a Christmas (leftover eggs).

Have a chicken egg was accidentally generated from the elliptical circle, the result, he became the New Year’s Day (egg).

Have a basket of eggs was very crowded, they have jumped out from the basket, the result became Satan.

Ranking second child has an egg, is a second egg.

Turtle eggs have a city that prides itself on its own is the golden eggs, there is a city that prides itself on its own, Dr. eggs is silver eggs, cctv Later, they participated in the programs, have been smashed Li.

Have a birth to a goose egg, called a goose (falsely) eggs.

Have an egg accidentally ran into the bank vault, the result has become a safe eggs (quail eggs).

Have an egg and a duck my show, the results of it into a double yellow eggs.

Finally the world an egg become a people’s precious egg ~~~~~~~~~。

Have an egg accidentally run paper, the results become 0 egg.

Have an egg put a fart, the result turned into a gas bombs!

Eggs have an intimate contact with the iron, the result has become scrambled eggs …

Have an egg beaten flat, it has become a pole.

Have an egg all the capital into the stock market, the result has become a pauper.

Have an egg drink MacLEOD kept high, the results became chicken cakes (H)!

Eggs and tomatoes have a quarrel, that is: tomato egg argument. Was arguing with arguing with playing up the results of an egg lose, because: Egg noodles too (noodle).

An egg has walked on the V on the ground, and so become a Fudan.



What is an egg in the end? Which came first the chicken or the egg? This is an eternal topic, so it has often been said: the egg is … …



Haha have an egg on the joke to forget the time, and then becomes a night.

An egg has been a top in the back of a turtle, become son of a bitch.

Pomegranate left-handed, right hand holding an egg on the tap, grenades (eggs).

Have a girl called sugar-coated the eggs into the water, it turned into a sugar-coated bullets.

Appointments with an egg is called Jordan.

Build an airport have the eggs, her name is called plain (eggs).

Ma Ma in a dark night, eggs have become a bleak (eggs).

An egg with a mouth called Handan.

Have a chicken egg under a month, called an egg. This egg of sorts of rice, a few noisy rice, fried eggs became (noisy) rice.

A chicken and a quail egg, egg become as early as … …

An egg has to climb up the Eiffel Tower, the result turned into a cake (high).


Have an egg every day stresses of cold jokes, cooling the eggs.

Finally, love eggs irrigation water is called the egg, huh, huh … …

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