2 sculpture

2009-02-06 at 04:05 am hugege

Have a pair of face-to-face naked statue stands in the park for decades.

One day, Cupid Cupid before they come to heaven, and said: “Both of you must have each said they should not do on the watch must be very depressing you, today I Chengquan you to become a human do you want to do it! However, only 15 minutes . ”

Voice faded, two statues have become a people, they immediately jumped into the grass to the grass … … susu sent from the voice of … …

After 10 minutes, the two jumped from the bushes back. Cupid said: “Oh, there are five minutes, as soon as possible to enjoy once again!” One listen to him so that the two statues looked at each other each other, smiled, and then once again jumped into the bushes and to … …

At this time, curious to hear vague Cupid female statue statue of man said: “I dove down to it, and now for you in his head … shit …”

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