A 17-year-old girl pregnant

2009-01-21 at 11:44 pm hugege

A 17-year-old girl pregnant, the mother very quickly to a pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test to confirm what agents … …

The results really pregnant girls!

The mother asked : “in the end is a good thing that scoundrel dry, you brought me from the real!!”

Girls had no choice but to hit the phone … …

Half an hour later, a brand new Ferrari sports to the girls home, and the door step is a full-body clothing brand also middle-aged gentleman.

Gentleman from entering their premises, with the girls and her parents sat down in the living room.

“Good afternoon!” Gentleman courtesy greetings to them and said: “Lingyuan has just informed me of this big problem, but because of my personal family problems, I am sorry I can not marry Lingyuan marry, but I will have to bear the negative responsibility! ”

“This good, if the students are girls, I will stay three stores, two houses, a seaside villa and a two million U.S. dollars to her account.”

“If the students are boys, I’ll have him the succession of two companies as well as another two million U.S. dollar account.”

“If the twins were born, then each company has a succession of one million dollars each account.”

“But if, unfortunately, the abortion … …”

At this point in the side of his father has long been silent, suddenly stood up and firmly grip the ride in the gentleman’s shoulders, said:. . . .

Then let her pregnant once again!

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