61 Children’s Day

2009-01-21 at 03:35 am hugege

61 Children’s Day is approaching, to their residual false Ingenuous put it, although slightly cruel following recommendations:

The proposed one: a room in their own happy crawling naked;

Recommendation II: wearing shoes in their own bed mad bounce;

Recommendation III: put on a bed sheet in the bucket, Huan-ran in the streets, tell others about your time;

Recommendation IV: their favorite pro mm of , and then angry when she told her 61 today, you need to care for the child;

Recommendation V: set a McDonald’s meal children’s playground, and deliberately sprinkling of cola everywhere, and to help you clean up the attendant called Aunt mm;

Recommendation VI: a circle painted in his bed, and at night it wet;

Recommendation VII: pretending to get lost, or helpless in the street crying, when someone came to ask you, tell him / her you can not find her mother;

Recommendation VIII: Dial Mom, how come you are;

Suggest that the KCRC: while singing “Our motherland is the Garden” while dancing

I wish those of us in advance surface scenery, heart loss; face not the old heart has vicissitudes; seem talented indeed ; achievements in difficult, often depressing; than mule tired than ants busy, starting as early as more than chicken, than a dog sleeping late; than donkey dry, and Bibi Zhu eat poor; Zhongliang than Yue Fei, Lai Changxing tension than the old middle-aged and young happy 61

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